Have you been weighing the options of potentially purchasing a townhome or condo, instead of a single family home? Whether it’s your first time buying or you just want to purchase something smaller, townhouses and condos are both great options. Check out the differences between the two to help aid you in your search!

Condominiums (Condo)

Condominiums are similar to apartments in that you purchase an individual unit inside of a larger building, but not the property it sits on. This generally includes access to the building’s amenities, such as the clubhouse, pool, and gym. However, condo owners are not responsible for the upkeep and repair of these common areas.

In this type of living environment, you will typically have neighbors on all sides. Because of the number of shared spaces, living in a condo often allows for meeting new people and building a strong sense of community. There is a fairly similar vetting process for loan approval as for a full-sized home; however, the lender will also look at the health of the condo association.


Those who purchase a townhome are generally purchasing the complete unit, both inside and out, including the land it sits on. This might also include the driveway, yard, or roof. Some townhomes offer as much living space as a large single-family home.

Traditionally, these units are two- or three-stories tall and may also include common areas like pools and playgrounds. Townhome owners pay a fee to a homeowners association every month, to maintain such common areas, and usually cover other things, such as lawn maintenance. The loan process is the same as buying a full-sized home.

There is typically an option to purchase an end-unit townhome, in the event that you may only want to have neighbors on one side.

Which is the best choice?

There are many pros and cons to buying a condo or a townhome. Both condos and townhomes can be good choices for first-time homeowners or retirees, who do not have the skills or the interest in lawncare and exterior home maintenance. They can offer less maintenance than a traditional home and generally offer great shared areas. City condos are also a great choice for people who value an urban lifestyle and living in a close community. However, either option can be restrictive for homeowners with growing families, those who enjoy entertaining outdoors, or people who find HOA rules too restrictive.

Your decision ultimately comes down to you and your family’s needs and wants. Things you’ll want to take into consideration include location, lifestyle, family growth, and price.


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